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Over the many years that we have worked with and studied trees, we have gained experience of a wide variety of pests, diseases and disorders that affect a tree’s health.  We provide a comprehensive diagnosis service along with expert advice on any remedial action that may be required.  

Many mortgage lenders and insurance companies often insist on a tree survey outlining the potential impact of trees on adjacent structures.  We can assess trees for their potential to cause direct or indirect physical damage to the structures or indirect affect from water abstraction.

We can provide you with professional advice on tree planting and species selection, whether it is a single tree in a domestic garden or an amenity planting scheme.  

Please don't hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team and we would be happy to help.

We are based in Norwich and our services are available throughout Norfolk and beyond.

Diagnosis of tree disorders and advice

Tree reports for mortgage purposes

Tree Planting

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Additional tree consultancy services offered

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