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Case Study Of Decay Detection And Analysis

Picus on beech case study experts

This case study involved a large mature Beech tree in a prominent position in a historic landscape garden.  It was located in an area of concentrated pedestrian activity and adjacent to historic buildings.  Unfortunately, the stem had external evidence of  heartwood decay and spiral cracking.


The tree was monitored for many years using the Picus Sonic Tomograph and formal visual assessment.   The crown was subsequently reduced to lessen the loading on the decaying stem.  However, eventually the progression of decay advanced beyond an acceptable level of safety and therefore a decision was made to remove the tree.


The cross sections of the felled stem show the extent of decay and structural cracking.  These cross sections mirror the accuracy of the tomograms.  


This validated the decision to remove the tree on grounds of safety.

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Picus on beech case study decay case study